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We take your safety management processes online

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Collate, comply, consult and communicate.
All of your safety management responsibilities at the touch of a button.

We replace your paper-based forms, processes and workflow with a digital system tailored specifically to your business requirements.

Why choose a FiNAO online Safety Management system?

Our systems are used to manage complex construction and infrastructure projects as well as meeting your WHS obligations in one of the most highly regulated safety environments in the world. We understand your reporting and monitoring obligations are extensive and demanding. So here's how a FiNAO system can help you take control of the processes - not the other way round.

There’s no additional hardware or software required for a FiNAO system. Whether you’re in the office or on site, your system is available to you and your employees from any internet connected device, 24/7.
Single authentication method used for access. Your data is 'hashed' and hosted in a secure cloud environment (using industry best practice).
Easy to use
Simply log in and all your data and workflow is at your fingertips. No more struggling with paper forms or endless phone tag between workers on site and managers on the move.
No more triple handling of data or paper forms to file. Your system simplifies and centralises your business and WHS processes with corresponding savings on administration costs.
Customised just for you
Your system is designed to meet your specific business and WHS requirements (on our PRIME patform). We don’t offer a “one-size-fits-all” option.
Unlimited users
Invite your stakeholders (directors, officers, auditors, insurers and other compliance officers) to view your data remotely, in real-time. We do not charge per user.
Real-time information
See who is doing what as it happens, every system interaction is tracked and is auditable. You can make proactive decisions based on real-time information.
Worry-free maintenance
We manage the software and cloud hosting for you. We carry out regular software updates and conduct out of hours maintenace as and when required.
Smart reports
Generate, view and share the configurable reports you require in real-time. Reports can be exported as a JPG, PDF and or excel.

Take a look at how we can create a customised safety management system to improve your WHS and business processes.
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